How to Transfer Design Onto Counted Cross Stitch Fabric

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Things You'll Need

  • Aida cloth sized appropriately for your project

  • Fabric soap

  • Iron

  • Design in a digital file format on your computer

  • Iron-on transfer sheet for your computer printer

  • Printer

  • Ironing board with padded cover

  • Sewing pin

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Counted cross-stitch, as we know it today, is a form of needle-art which was revitalized in the sixties though its roots go back many thousands of years. While it is common to create a cross-stitched piece by following a pattern printed on paper, some cross-stitch products have the design printed right on the fabric. You can make your own printed cross-stitch projects, referred to as stamped cross-stitch, by printing your design onto an iron-on transfer sheet and then transferring the design to the counted cross-stitch fabric.


Step 1

Wash the aida to remove fabric sizing. Lay the aida on a flat surface to dry. Iron as necessary so the cloth lays flat.

Step 2

Load the iron-on transfer sheet into your printer. Follow the iron-on transfer instructions for printing the design on the transfer sheet.

Step 3

Follow the iron-on transfer instructions for ironing the printed design onto the aida fabric. Allow the aida to cool completely after the design is transferred.


Step 4

Turn the aida cloth over so the printed side is face-down on the padded ironing board.

Step 5

Poke the sewing pin through the aida holes to pierce the design on the front.

Step 6

Turn the aida right-side up. The design is ready to be stitched.


Aida cloth is best type of counted cross-stitch fabric for this type of design transfer. The aida has enough fabric between the holes to accept the iron-on transfer material. Depending on your fabric, you may need to block the fabric after it is washed so it is square.