How to Hang Ceramic Masks

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Things You'll Need

  • Ceramic Mask

  • Pencil

  • Picture hook

  • Hammer

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Hanging ceramic masks is a great way to decorate an empty wall with a theatrical or cultural flair or to display a craft project you recently completed. Due to the fact that most ceramic masks have wire running taut across the back of the mask, the best way to secure them is with picture hooks.


Step 1

Look around the room where you want to hang the mask(s). You want to choose an area that needs attention, and you don't want to choose an area that is already too full of paintings, pictures and other items, that will distract attention away from the ceramic mask.

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Step 2

Walk around the room placing the mask gently against wall with your hand and evaluating the placement in regards to the other furnishings in the room. Decide upon the best place.


Step 3

Place the mask against the desired wall so that the exact center of the mask is 5 feet 2 inches from the floor. This is the designated spot for most people to look directly at wall art.

Step 4

Gently slide your finger underneath the mask while holding it in this position. Position your finger so that it is underneath the middle of the hanging wire in back of the mask.


Step 5

Remove the mask, but keep your finger in place. With a pencil mark, the exact spot where your finger is.

Step 6

Hammer the nail of the picture hook gently into a firm place. Once the nail is established, drive it in with the hammer. Place the wire of your mask on the hook, step back and assess.


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