How to Freeze Eggnog

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Eggnog is a popular winter drink that consists primarily of eggs, cream and sugar. It originated in England in the 1600s and was generally consumed by upper class citizens. Today, eggnog comes in many different varieties and can be enjoyed by anybody. Since eggnog is generally only available at stores during the winter holidays, many people like to stock up and save it to drink throughout the year. Since eggnog contains dairy and eggs, it must be frozen if you want to store it for more than a couple of weeks.


Step 1

Put the eggnog carton in a freezer. Place each carton upright to prevent the risk of spills.

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Step 2

Wait for the eggnog to freeze. Depending on the size of the cartons and your freezer settings, this could take anywhere from one hour to an entire day. If you can hear liquid moving around when you shake the eggnog carton, it needs to sit in the freezer longer.


Step 3

Put the frozen eggnog cartons in heavy duty freezer bags. These help protect from freezer burn. Store in the freezer.


Step 4

Thaw and drink the eggnog within six months.


Freeze the eggnog before the expiration date.

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