How to Drill Anchors in a Brick Wall

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Things You'll Need

  • Drill

  • Eye protection

  • Masonry drill bits

  • Wall anchor

  • Epoxy or stone adhesive

When mounting heavy items onto brick walls, masonry wall anchors should be used to reinforce the structure of the brick. Anchors can be used for placing bolts or masonry screws inside without damaging or cracking the brick surface. With the appropriate tools, you can mount a wall anchor into brick with little difficulty.


Step 1

Drill into the brick using a masonry drill bit that corresponds to the size of wall anchor you have. The bit should be slightly smaller in diameter than the anchor. This will help seat the anchor.


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Step 2

Blow out any brick debris in the drilled hole. Squirt an exterior adhesive or stone epoxy into the hole. A small amount will be sufficient.


Step 3

Place the anchor onto the hole and force it in. You can use a hammer and lightly tap the anchor into position. Ensure that the anchor is flush with the brick.


Step 4

Allow the anchor to seat itself and the adhesive to dry before placing bolts or screws into the anchor.


You can purchase special bits for drilling into brick at most hardware or home and garden supply stores.


Always wear eye protection while drilling into brick. The brick can splinter and severely damage the eyes.


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