How to Clean Exterior Windows With a Garden Hose Attachment

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Things You'll Need

  • Garden hose

  • Spray attachment

  • Brush with long handle

  • Outdoor window cleaner that attaches to hose

  • Squeegee with long handle

  • Step ladder

  • Paper towels

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Most homeowners find cleaning exterior windows a burden; therefore, they are often neglected. However, having clean, streak-free windows gives your home curb-appeal and makes it feel inviting. Clean windows are a bonus for those who enjoying gazing out of their windows to enjoy a beautiful sunset, starry night or even bird-watching. Keeping your exterior windows sparkling clean takes only a few minutes and is easy to do even if you are a novice at using a garden hose.


Step 1

Rinse off your windows by using the spray attachment of your garden hose. Use low pressure to avoid doing damage to your windows or siding. A spray attachment that has an adjustable water flow and looks similar to a shower head will work best for this. Adjust the spray so that it has a wide flow of water to evenly wash your windows and prevent streaking.


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Step 2

Take a long-handled brush with soft bristles. Work up and down in even strokes to remove mud, debris, bird droppings and spider webs from the window. Stop to remove particles from the brush if it gets excessively dirty. If you have to remove a lot of excess dirt from your windows this way, give them another rinse with the garden hose and spray attachment.


Step 3

Remove the spray nozzle from the garden hose. Attach the outdoor window cleaner to the garden hose. Turn the dial on the bottle of cleaner to "rinse". Stand with the nozzle pointed in the top left corner of the window. Sweep the window from side to side, overlapping strokes gently for around twenty seconds or until the window is completely covered.


Step 4

Turn the dial on the bottle of cleaner to "clean". Begin at the top left-hand corner of the window and work towards the bottom. When you reach the bottom of the window, return to the top of the window again, overlapping strokes as you go. Continue this process, taking care to apply the cleaning solution evenly. Allow the soapy solution to soak on the window for around fifteen seconds. Do not leave on much longer as the suds will cause streaking if allowed to dry.


Step 5

Turn the dial on the cleaner to "rinse" again. Work from top to bottom in firm, even strokes. Remove all suds completely in each section before proceeding to the next. If you need to rinse the window more than once, start from the top of the window again rather than working from bottom up.


Step 6

Take a squeegee and dry the window. Use an extension pole and step ladder if you cannot reach the top of the window. Start in the top left hand corner of the window and pull the squeegee down in a straight line. Wipe any excess water off of the blade with a paper towel. Continue drying the window with the squeegee until all areas of the window are finished.


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