How to Get Ink Off Faux Leather

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You can get ink off faux leather.
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When looking to remove a stain from fabric, it's important to choose the right methods and cleaning agents. Different kinds of fabrics can react in very different ways to the types of chemicals and methods you use and using the wrong kind can ruin the fabric. If your mission is cleaning faux leather, however, you are in luck, as it is generally very easy to clean--much easier than real leather, in fact. Follow these simple instructions to remove an ink stain from your faux leather (sometimes called pleather). Remember to test the cleaning agent on a small, out-of-the-way area before you use it on the stain.


Things You'll Need

  • Stained faux leather

  • Bucket

  • Two soft rags

  • Mild dishwashing detergent or gentle laundry detergent

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • White vinegar

  • Water

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How to Get Ink Off Faux Leather

Always Check the Label

Check the label first. Some faux leathers are treated with special dyes and finishes, and may need special care. Most furniture labels will tell you exactly how to clean faux leather stains from the item.

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Gather Your Materials

Get your cleaning materials ready. Majilite recommends combining equal parts mild dishwashing detergent or gentle laundry detergent and rubbing alcohol in a bucket. Blend the alcohol and detergent mixture slowly for a few seconds. Take the bucket of prepared solution and two soft cloths to the fabric to be cleaned.


Prepare the Faux Leather for Cleaning

Place the fake leather on a flat surface, if necessary. Position the fabric with the stain facing you. Wipe the area lightly with one of the cloths to gently dust the surface of any dirt or debris.


Saturate the Cleaning Cloth

Immerse the other cloth into the detergent and water mixture, and soak thoroughly. Wring most of the water from the cloth.

Clean Ink From Faux Leather Carefully

Use the wet cloth to gently dab the cleaning solution onto a small area of the fabric that isn't as noticeable, such as the back of the couch or the inside flap of a purse. Dab the area for about a minute and let the lather sit on the fabric for an additional minute. Blot the lather off using a dry cloth. You are testing the fabric to make certain the cleaning solution won't ruin it while you're cleaning the faux leather. If the fabric is still in good condition, continue to the next step.


Dab and Blot

Use the wet cloth to dab the stained area carefully. Don't be too hard or rough; it may take longer, but light, gentle dabbing is less likely to damage the fabric. Keep cleaning the garment, occasionally blotting the area with the other cloth and checking your progress. You may need to clean or re-wet the cleaning cloth occasionally. Continue dabbing and then blotting until the stain is completely gone.


Allow the Material to Dry

Dry the fabric completely and enjoy your faux leather again.

Step It Up If You Have To

Mix equal parts alcohol, vinegar and water and start over with this solution if the stain won't come out, advises Red Hanger Cleaners. You may need a stronger cleaning solution. Consider also that most big-box stores and home improvement centers have a large selection of cleaning agents. Choose one that says it is safe to use for cleaning faux leather, vinyl or leather. You can also take the fabric to a professional cleaner.


A little bit of perfume combined with a leather cleaner can also be used to remove ink from faux leather. The alcohol in the perfume will help remove the stain.


Don't let your faux leather piece get tired looking and dried out. Try using baby wipes to keep it looking fresh.



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