How to Remove Gallery Glass Frost

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Things You'll Need

  • Straight-edge craft knife

  • Metal-edge ruler

  • Gallery Glass lead and paint trimmer

  • Container

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Gallery Glass is a decorative series of paints and fake lead strips that you can apply to windows and glass or acrylic products. The technique gives the appearance of a stained-glass piece of artwork. A frost paint is used to create the look of a winter frost, which cannot be seen through to the outside. It is often used to fill in around patterns and motifs. The frosted display can be left on the glass for a long period of time. You can remove Gallery Glass when you are ready for a decorative change or if you are moving from the property. You can pull the fake lead strips and colorful paint off the surface, as it resembles the texture of a window cling. It may be a little harder to remove the Gallery Glass frost, but you can do it with a couple of sharp tools.


Step 1

Hold the straight-edge knife against the frosted glass and make a straight cut down into the paint. You can use a metal-edge ruler as a guide to make a straight cut.

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Step 2

Hold the blade of the knife at an angle at one corner of the cut area and try to slide it under the frosted paint. Pull the paint away with your fingertips, if it will strip off the glass.

Step 3

Hold the Gallery Glass paint trimmer at an angle and edge it under the frosted paint. Gently scrape in a downward motion. Be careful to keep the fingers of your other hand out of the way to prevent injury.

Step 4

Keep scraping and peeling the paint away from the glass surface. Keep a container close by to discard the scrapings into.


Test the removal of the Gallery Glass frost technique on one corner of the surface before cutting into a large area.


Be sure that the Gallery Glass frost paint is on a glass surface before using tools to scrape the area free of the paint.

Work away from your body in case the craft blade slips on the glass surface to protect yourself from injury.


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