How to Make Mirror Paper

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Things You'll Need

  • Regular aluminum foil

  • Newspaper

  • Tissue paper (in sheets)

  • Artist's spray adhesive

  • Roller

  • Glass cleaner

Mirror paper is a great craft material to have around for young children, but it can be extremely expensive and hard to find. Robert Lang of Lang Origami has an easy approach that uses some very basic household supplies and simple steps to make metallic paper. The end result is a flexible, reflective piece of paper that kids can cut up, color, or manipulate for a variety of craft projects.


Step 1

Set up an area with plenty of ventilation. Spread newspaper on a clean, flat surface such as concrete, vinyl, hardwood, or concrete. Do not set your craft area over tiles as the grout channels can cause wrinkling.

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Step 2

Dispense a square of aluminum foil roughly equal to the size of your tissue paper, leaning a little bit to the larger side. Hold the spray adhesive 18 inches away from the newspaper. Give the foil a very light spray of the adhesive, just enough so it can be held in place on the newspaper during the assembly process. Gently rest the foil, shiny side down, on the newspaper and tap it down just a little bit.


Step 3

Spray a heavier amount of adhesive on the side of the foil that is now facing up. Cover the entire surface area so no amount of reflection is visible. Spray all the way to the edge.

Step 4

Drape the sheet of tissue paper over one edge of the foil, keeping it as flat as possible. Guide the rest of the tissue down to the foil with your hands, avoiding wrinkles. This is a delicate process, but the feather light weight of tissue paper should allow you to very slowly land the paper on the foil without a problem.


Step 5

Apply gentle pressure with the roller, from one side of the tissue paper to the other.

Step 6

Pull two corners of the newly made mirror paper from between the newspaper and the foil. Slowly pull the foil away from the mildly adhesive newspaper until it is free. Use window cleaner and a soft rag to gently clean the shiny surface of the paper.


Finished mirror paper can be cut, colored with permanent markers or painted over.



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