How to Make Window Curtains Out of Tulle Fabric

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Things You'll Need

  • Tulle fabric

  • Curtain rod brackets

  • Curtain rod

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • Flat surface or tabletop

  • Measuring tape

Create sheer curtains using tulle fabric.
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Making window curtains out of tulle fabric is a wonderful way to add playful and feminine touches to any room. Tulle fabric curtains filter light and glare while still allowing sun to enter the room. You can make the curtains easily with only minimal sewing, and depending on what your taste is, the curtains can be tremendously full or totally flat. With only a few basic supplies, it is easy to make window curtains out of tulle fabric for every room in your home.


Step 1

Measure for the length of the curtains first. If you want the curtains to hang from ceiling to floor, measure that length. If you would prefer that the curtain hang from the top of the window frame down to the floor, make that your measurement.

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Step 2

Add six inches to the measurement to allow for the part of the curtain that must be looped over the rod.


Step 3

Measure the width of your window frame and double that measurement to ensure that you have a great deal of fullness in your tulle curtains. If you want even more fullness and don't anticipate needing to move the curtains a lot, try multiplying the width measurement by three.

Step 4

Lay the fabric on a table or flat surface.


Step 5

Fold the top three inches of tulle backwards. Repeat with the next three inches so that you have a double-thick fold of fabric at the very top of the length of tulle.

Step 6

Sew along the bottom edge of the fold you have just created, attaching it to the tulle so that you have a three-inch wide slot for the curtain rod, which runs the entire width of the fabric.


Step 7

Repeat the entire procedure if you have multiple panels of tulle that you are using to make curtains.

Step 8

Mount the curtain rod brackets at the desired height.

Step 9

Slide the panel or panels of tulle on to the curtain rod and place the rod on the brackets.

Step 10

Fluff and separate the tulle to create the desired volume and fullness that you want from your new curtains.


Because tulle is meant to have a raw edge, you don't need to sew a bottom seam; just let the curtains trail to an end.



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