How to Reuse Oyster Shells for Cooking

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Things You'll Need

  • Oyster shells

  • Pick

  • Scrub brush

  • Pot

  • Hot water

  • Stove

  • Covered container for storage

Using oyster shells in cooking gives the cook an attractive serving platter; it also helps to clue the diner that they are getting a seafood dish. Proper preparation of the shells is important to prevent any food borne illness or contamination.

Step 1

Sort the shells and discard the flat half and any that are cracked.


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Step 2

Clean the outside of the shell with the scrub brush making sure to remove any grit or loose bits.

Step 3

Clean the inside of the shell making sure that the inner surface is smooth.

Step 4

Use the pick to remove any of the hinge that might be sticking to the shell

Step 5

Boil the shells in the pot for 10 minutes to remove any residue and kill any bugs.

Step 6

Let the shells air dry then store them in a covered container.


If you use soap instead of boiling to do the final cleaning you may need to rinse the shells a couple of times to completely remove the soap residue and fragrance.


Failure to clean the shells properly after each use could result in the transmission of bacteria that could make people sick.


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