How to Clean a GE Profile Cooktop

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Things You'll Need

  • Rubber gloves

  • Ceramic cooktop cleaner

  • Water (for stainless steel)

  • Dish detergent (for stainless steel)

  • Sponge

  • Paper towels or clean soft cloth

  • Nylon scrubber (for stainless steel, optional)

GE Profile cooktops are either gas tops, electric smooth tops or induction smooth tops, which use electromagnetic energy for heat. Like electric stoves, the coil is set below the top's smooth surface and the bottom of the pot. The smooth surface and nontraditional way of cooktop heating means you can wipe up spills effortlessly. They won't burn onto the surface of the surrounding area not covered by the pan or pot. Spills that touch the hot surface under the pot, however, may begin to burn just as they would on electric stove tops. The GE Profile product line—gas, electric and induction models—all have simple-to-clean glass ceramic and/or stainless steel surfaces.


Step 1

Turn all knobs to the off position. If you've just finished cooking and the burner is still warm or hot, allow it to cool before cleaning.

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Step 2

Put on rubber gloves. Shake and uncap your ceramic cooktop cleaner, if your stove surface is glass ceramic. If you have a stainless steel surface, mix hot water and dish detergent (use a tsp. of dish detergent per gallon of water) in a bowl or sink for cleaning the cooktop.


Step 3

Apply ceramic glass cleaner, or use hot soapy water (applying the soapy water with a sponge if cooktop is stainless steel) and gently scrub away stains. GE recommends using paper towels when using ceramic glass cleaner for the ceramic glass surfaces—you can also use a soft clean cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaning items on the glass ceramic. Use a nylon scrubber on stainless steel if necessary.


Step 4

Rinse off the cooktop if you used soapy water on stainless steel. Dry off with a soft towel. For glass ceramic cooktops, simply wipe off glass ceramic cleaner residue. You won't need to rinse it off.


Grates and knobs for GE Profile gas cooktops are safe to clean in the dishwasher.

Use a razor blade and ceramic glass cooktop cleaner for burned on food that won’t come off through other means. Hold the blade at an angle so you do not scratch the surface of the cooktop.


Do not use abrasive cleaning pads on your Profile cooktops. These cooktops come with a special cleaning pad for burnt on food. Avoid using other pads or you may damage the surface.



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