How to Make a Masquerade Mask

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Things You'll Need

  • milk jug

  • paper mache mix

  • plastic bag

  • hot glue gun

  • embellishments

  • sand paper

Conceal your identity for a masquerade party with a cleverly designed mask.
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The masquerade mask is back, and everybody wants in! Chances are, someone you know is planning an event, in which you have to wear one.


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Masquerade mask balls are highly anticipated events where attendees conceal their identity. Here's a few different ways how to make one.

Step 1

Use an old milk jug to make a mask.

Choose a yellow or white milk jug to create the right mask, for the right event. This means, you have to know where you will be wearing the mask, before you can choose the appropriate jug. Yellow milk jugs are great for Mardi Gras events. Cut around the handle of the jug, making it the nose. Cut the jug to form an eye mask, and cut holes for the eyes. Sand the edges smooth, and decorate to taste.


Step 2

Use aluminum foil to create a masquerade mask mold.

After choosing your wardrobe, select paint that compliments the colors. Tear a piece of aluminum foil that will fit from ear to ear, and from forehead to top of lip. Press gently onto face to make mold. Apply paper mache strips to aluminum, after cutting slots for eyes. Allow to dry, and then paint.

Step 3

Pay for a quality plastic or cardboard blank mask if you can afford it, and then decorate it.


If you're not good at arts and crafts, you can lessen the workload by getting a cheap masquerade mask, and attaching stones and feathers to it using a hot glue gun. Many people go this route for New Year's parties, because they want to be unique. A hot glue gun, and embellishments are all you need. Start from the outer edge with small stones as a border, and work your way inward using the other embellishments.

Step 4

Use a plastic bag and duct tape to create a masquerade mask.


Find an old plastic grocery bag, and place over face after cutting eyes out. Have a friend tear and stick duct tape strips to the plastic. Take special care to press and mold the strips. This will make the masquerade mask comfortable to wear. You can then hot glue or paint to taste.