How to Disconnect a Simon Security System

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Things You'll Need

  • Flathead screw driver

  • Phillips screw driver

Simon security systems are designed to be easily removed from one location and reinstalled into another location. Since Simon alarm systems are typically installed as wireless systems, removing them takes about an hour or so. Some models do have the capability of monitoring two hardwired door or window contacts, but these are not difficult to disconnect. However, if you have hardwired contacts, you will not be able to remove the contacts themselves. You can purchase them online for a few dollars each.


Removing the System

Step 1

Call your monitoring facility and tell them you will be removing the system and you need to suspend your service until you have reinstalled it in the new location.

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Step 2

Disconnect the power to your system. If the power supply is secured with a retaining screw remove it, unplug the system and disconnect the wires going to the power supply.


Step 3

Use a screw driver to depress the tab on the top of the unit and allow it to swing down. Disconnect the backup battery connector--red and black wires from the battery compartment to the main unit.

Step 4

Unplug the phone line (if connected) and disconnect any wires on zone one and two. Disconnect the power wires from the unit, remove the base plate from the wall and snap the plate to the unit.


Step 5

Remove the wireless sensors and magnets. Most of the wireless sensors will be mounted with double-sided tape; remove them by slowly prying the sensor from one side, the tape should release slowly, if not see the tips section.


All wireless sensors have a base; the sensor is removed from the base by depressing the tab and sliding or twisting the sensor. If the double-sided tape will not release, remove the sensor from the base plate and use a standard hair dryer to heat the base or magnet. This allows the glue to soften and release easier. Some of the sensors may be installed with screws.

After removing the sensor from the base you will be able to access the mounting screws. If you are not able to get a base plate or magnet off of the wall you can purchase replacements on line. Note the locations of your sensors and mark them, this will make installation in your new home easier. Since you will be leaving the power wire in your old location you can use any wire solid or stranded which is 18 gauge or larger. See the reference section for a copy of the installation manual which has much more detail than your owner’s manual.


You must disconnect the battery or your system will beep periodically until the battery is drained.


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