How to Loosen Wood Glue

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Things You'll Need

  • Adhesive solvent

  • Plastic scraper

  • Rag or cloth

Wood glue is often composed of polyurethane, a highly effective adhesive intended for woodworking projects. It creates a lasting bond that can seem incredibly difficult to loosen once it dries. Harsh chemicals such as acetone are not always effective on industrial adhesives such as wood glue. Fortunately, there are adhesive solvents that can help dissolve wood glue for easy removal. These affordable, easy-to-use household products easily soften adhesives without causing damage to the surface.


Step 1

Ventilate your workspace before employing the adhesive solvent. It is a highly effective chemical compound that can contain hazardous fumes.

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Step 2

Spray or pour the product, which can be found at home-improvement and hardware stores, onto a dry rag or cleaning cloth. Apply enough to thoroughly soak the glue stain on the surface.

Step 3

Apply the solvent onto the affected area and allow it to soften the glue for the manufacturer's instructed time frame.

Step 4

Wipe the area to check the consistency of the wood glue. Use the plastic scraper to loosen the adhesive from the surface.


Step 5

Repeat the application process until the wood glue has been cleanly loosened. Complete the removal with a household wood cleaner to polish the area dulled by the stain.


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