How to Make Brown With Tempera Paint

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Things You'll Need

  • Green Tempera paint – liquid

  • Plastic container – with lid (or plastic wrap)

  • Red Tempera paint - liquid

  • Small paint spatula or paintbrush

  • Cup of water

  • Clean cloth or rag

You are painting posters with Tempera paint and you are almost finished with this one poster. You look to your right to see if you have any brown Tempera paint left and you don't. You need just a small amount of brown paint to finish this one tree. You try to think what makes brown and your mind freezes. The color brown consists of the colors green and red mixed together.


Step 1

Squeeze 2 tbsp. of green Tempera paint into a plastic container (two full squirts of liquid Tempera paint is about 2 tbsps).

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Step 2

Squeeze 2 tbsp. of red Tempera paint into the plastic container with the green Tempera paint.


Step 3

Stir the green and red Tempera paint slowly with a small paint spatula or paintbrush.

Step 4

Continue stirring the Tempera paint mixture until the color brown appears.

Step 5

Cover the container of brown Tempera paint with a lid or plastic wrap until you are ready to use the paint.

Step 6

Clean the paint spatula or paintbrush by dipping it in a cup of water and wiping the spatula or paintbrush clean with a cloth or rag.


If you don't have any green Tempera paint, mix 2 tbsp. of blue Tempera paint with 2 tbsp. of yellow Tempera paint to make green Tempera paint. Then follow the steps to make brown Tempera paint.

If using powdered Tempera paint, mix each Tempera paint color first by combining 2 tsp. of water with 2 tsp. of powered Tempera paint (green and red). Continue adding 2 tsp. of water and Tempera paint together until you get the amount of Tempera paint you need. Then mix the Tempera paint colors (green and red) to make brown.


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