How to Build a PVC Pipe Arbor

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Things You'll Need

  • Shovel

  • Dirt or cement

  • 32 12” PVC pipe segments

  • 28 3’ PVC pipe segments

  • 20 6” PVC pipe segments

  • 46 T connectors

  • 4 3-way corner connectors

Guard the entrance to your secret hideaway garden with a simple, homemade arbor. Arbors provide shade and support for climbing plants and can create a beautiful addition to any garden area. Decorate a simple arbor structure with flowers, wind chimes, and other items to create a picturesque area for photographs. A basic arbor can be easily constructed from PVC pipe, the white or gray plastic piping traditionally used by plumbers. This material is very inexpensive and can be found at hardware stores.


Step 1

Locate the area where the arbor will be built. Dig four holes 10" deep for corner posts. The holes should form a rectangle that is 5' by 3'. Place a 12" PVC pipe segment in each hole. Secure it in place by packing the hole with dirt or cement.

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Step 2

Place a T connector on top of each 12" PVC pipe segment. Connect each side of the arbor with a 3' segment of PVC pipe between the T connectors.

Step 3

Place a 12" segment of PVC pipe in the remaining opening of each T connector. Place a T connector on top of the pipe segment. Repeat until there are 7 12" segments of pipe on each pole (8, including the one in the ground). Top the last pipe segment with a 3-way corner connector.


Step 4

Place a 6" segment of PVC pipe in the 3-way corner connector opening. Place a T connector on the end. Repeat until both sides of the arbor have been connected together.

Step 5

Connect all the middle openings of the connectors with a 3' section of PVC pipe.


To reduce the work required to create a PVC arbor, have the hardware store or lumberyard cut the pieces of PVC pipe to the exact measurements.

Roses, ivy, clematis, wisteria, and similar plants are ideal for arbors. Plants should be tended to often to ensure that they are climbing the arbor properly and not overtaking the garden.


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