How to Dye Tissue Paper With Food Coloring

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Things You'll Need

  • Newspapers

  • White tissue paper

  • Food coloring

  • Plastic gloves

  • Rubber bands

  • Paper towels

Coloring tissue paper can be a fun craft for both children and adults. Colored tissue paper can be used to wrap presents or to adorn scrapbook pages. The tissue paper can even be tie dyed and framed for hanging in a bedroom. Tissue paper is easily dyed at home with food coloring.

Step 1

Cover your workspace with newspapers. This will protect the surface from the food coloring.


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Step 2

Prepare the tissue paper, folding it in whatever shape you choose. If you want a tie-dye effect, you will want to roll the tissue paper up and tie several rubber bands around it. It doesn't matter where you put the rubber bands.

Step 3

Wearing plastic gloves to protect your hands, drip the food coloring on to the tissue paper. Use whatever colors you choose. Use one color in different spots or several colors throughout. This is where you get to be creative.


Step 4

Blot the food coloring with a paper towel if you get too much in one area or if you want to make the color lighter.

Step 5

Take the rubber bands off when you are done and unravel your tissue paper. Set it out to dry on newspaper or a paper towel.


Use a paint brush to help spread the food coloring in a certain direction.


You may want to pour the food coloring in a small dish first, and dunk the tissue paper in the food coloring. It is more difficult to cover a large area using the dripping method.


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