How to Use a Hitachi Cordless Drill

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Hitachi produces several models of cordless drill/drivers. One of the most popular ordinary-duty models is the 12-volt NiCad battery version available for around $90 at most home improvement stores. This ergonomically designed and lightweight cordless drill/driver comes bundled with two batteries, a battery charger, a "starter" drill bit kit and a flashlight accessory.


Step 1

Insert the battery. The battery snaps into the bottom of the "gun stock" with a firm click. When batteries are not in use on the tool they should be stored on the charger stand. Battery life on a cordless drill/driver will vary according to the time of use and the nature of use. If you are drilling many holes in a hard wood the battery will run down sooner compared to drilling just a few holes in softer materials like drywall. Remove the battery by pressing in on the battery tabs.


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Step 2

Set the directional button. Just above the trigger is a button which allows you to put the drill/driver into "forward" or "reverse." For right handed persons, the position for forward is located on the left of the drill barrel and can accessed by the thumb. The position for reverse is located on the right hand side of the barrel and is accessed by the forefinger. Always stop the rotation before changing direction.


Step 3

Squeeze the trigger. You can vary the speed of the drill/driver by squeezing the trigger lightly. When using very small or fine drill bits, or when driving smaller screws, it is wise to press lightly on the trigger and "pulse" the drill/driver.

Step 4

Set the torque. The amount of torque or twisting power can be adjusted on the Hitachi drill/driver by adjusting a cam mounted just behind the bit barrel. This dial is marked with various torque settings, in numbers, from the "normal" torque setting to "0" to "20" for high-torque situations. When you have the torque set high the drill/driver will turn more slowly but with more force.


Step 5

Adjust the bit chuck. The Hitachi features a "keyless" chuck. Squeeze the chuck part of the drill bit barrel with your hand with slight pressure. With the drill/driver set to "reverse," squeeze the trigger lightly. This will unlock the chuck and force the drill bit holder "teeth" to separate wide enough to permit insertion of a drill bit. Set the drill/driver to "forward" and hold the chuck again and press the trigger. The chuck will close around the bit tightly.


Step 6

Insert drill bits as needed. Open the keyless chuck and insert the drill bit of your choice. Push the bits into the chuck so the threaded part of the bit is not held by the chuck "teeth." Close the chuck tightly and begin drilling. You can purchase a wide variety of special drill bits for various uses.


Step 7

Change over to driver bits when needed. Your Hitachi will come with a Phillips head and flat head screwdriver bit. You can buy all kinds of driver bits and accessories for project needs.


A cordless drill/driver holster comes in very handy.

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