How to Plan a 50th Anniversary Open House

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A 50th wedding anniversary is such an achievement of love and marriage, the couple deserves a celebration to commemorate it. Instead of a dinner to spend two or three hours with friends and family, organize a day- and evening-long event to allow the guests of honor to relax and enjoy the festivities. The lengthy golden anniversary party will require additional preparation to ensure the decorations, activities and refreshments are as appealing for the first guests as they are for the last.


Things You'll Need

  • Computer And Printer

  • Paper Trimmer

  • Wedding Photo

  • Refreshments

  • Memorabilia

  • Markers

  • Spray Adhesive

  • Gift Card

  • Tiered Cake Tray

  • Temporary Adhesive

  • Metallic Gold Streamers

  • Trivia Questions

  • Metallic Gold Card Stock

  • Vellum Paper

  • Metallic Gold Poster Board

  • Double-Stick Tape

  • Framed Photos

Step 1

Design an elegant 50th anniversary open house invitation by using a paper trimmer to cut a 5-inch-square piece of metallic gold card stock. Print the event details, including the date, time, address and RSVP date on a 4-inch-square piece of vellum paper. Affix the vellum in the center of the gold card base with vellum spray adhesive.


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Step 2

Prepare foods that can stay crisp in the refrigerator or hot in chafing dishes or a slow cooker since you'll want the items to be fresh for the duration of the open house. Try foods like fruit kabobs, vegetables and dips, soups or chili, and casseroles. Instead of a cake that will look unappealing after you cut it, order cupcakes with golden sprinkles and tiny "50th" flags. Keep pitchers of tea or punch in the refrigerator or set up an open bar where guests can help themselves.


Step 3

Decorate the main party room with embellishments that celebrate the couple's 50 years together. Gather framed photos from their first date to the present day on a tiered cake tray as a buffet table centerpiece. Scatter memorabilia like postcards or brochures to remind the couple of their honeymoon around the room. Drape metallic gold streamers across the ceiling, windows and entryway.


Step 4

Create a 50th anniversary memento for the couple by hanging a metallic gold poster board—sold at art or craft stores—on the wall with temporary adhesive. Affix a copy of the couple's wedding photo affixed in the center with double-stick tape. Place markers near the poster so guests can write congratulatory messages throughout the party.


Step 5

Write a trivia quiz featuring 50 questions about the couple's wedding, family, careers, hobbies, honeymoon and favorites. Have guests write their mailing addresses on top of their quiz papers, correct the quizzes after the open house is over and send a prize like a gift card to the couple's favorite restaurant to the guest who got the most answers right.


When creating the party invitations, consider giving different groups of guests different party start times so everyone doesn’t arrive at the same time. Invite immediate family members first since they may want to stay for the entire event. Then stagger starting times for groups like neighbors, former co-workers and family friends an hour apart. Although everyone can stay as long as they wish, this will give the couple time to visit with everyone when they first arrive.


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