How to Keep Strips on Bath Towels From Shrinking & Puckering

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Things You'll Need

  • Washing machine

  • Clothes detergent

  • Liquid fabric softener

  • Clothesline or shower curtain rod

Bath towels can be plush and luxurious or purely functional, but either way, they are a monetary investment that you'll want to get as much service from for as long as possible. Often the towel fabric and the fabric used for decorative embellishments are different. When the towels are dried in the dryer, the fabrics react and shrink at different rates, which can create puckering and a shrunken unevenness. Line drying your towels will help you avoid this situation.


Step 1

Wash the towel in the washing machine in cold water with like colors, using the manufacturer's recommended amount of detergent for your size laundry load.

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Step 2

Add a liquid fabric softener according to the manufacturer's directions for your size load.


Step 3

Hang the towels from a clothesline or shower curtain rod and allow to air dry.

Step 4

Fold immediately after drying, and put away as usual.


You can iron the decorative strips for a crisp finish.


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