How to Store Onion Sets

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Things You'll Need

  • Shallow tray

  • Mesh or nylon bag

  • Hook

  • Hammer

An onion bulb about 1 inch in diameter, onion sets can be purchased or grown the previous season in preparation for planting your vegetable garden in the spring. While onion sets are a great way to shorten the amount of growing time needed on your onion crop, they need to be stored properly to allow for the best results when it is time to put them in the ground. Whether the sets were purchased early or grown the season before, adequate storage is necessary for them to be ready to grow at their full potential into large onions. It is best if the onions are stored in a cool, dry place with good air circulation.


Step 1

Dry onion sets outdoors in shallow trays under the sun in rows with their tops partially covering the bulbs until the skin is papery and the roots are dry.

Step 2

Remove roots and braid together the bulb tops, or remove tops by cutting 1 inch from bulb. If cutting, do not remove the entire stem as this could cause rot to infest the onion sets.

Step 3

Hang braided onion sets from rafters in cool, dry storage area with good ventilation or place onion sets with cut tops inside a mesh or nylon bag. Hammer a hook into the wall of the storage area and hang mesh or nylon bag with the onion sets from the hook.

Step 4

Check on onions regularly and discard any onion sets that show signs of rot.


Insulated areas such as attics or garages are good places for storage.


Storing onion sets in damp areas can cause rot, which can spread to all the onion sets. Do not store your onion sets in the basement.