How to Score Ceramic Tile

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Things You'll Need

  • Steel ruler

  • Tile scoring tool

  • Thin metal wire

  • Cutting board or scrap lumber

Ceramic tile has many home improvement applications, including flooring, countertops and backsplashes. The variety of texture and color along with the reasonable cost make ceramic tile a good choice for the homeowner on a budget who wants to inexpensively improve a room. Homeowners sometimes incorrectly assume that expensive equipment or tools are required for cutting tile, but you can accurately cut tile with an inexpensive scoring tool, making ceramic tile installation a viable project for the do-it-yourself homeowner.


Step 1

Mark the tile on both sides where you need to make the cut.

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Step 2

Place a steel ruler across the face of the tile at each mark to create the cutting line.

Step 3

Run the scoring tool (tile scriber) down the cutting line. Press firmly but do not apply body weight, or you may break the tile in pieces instead of cutting it.

Step 4

Score the edges of the tile at the marks with the scoring tool.

Step 5

Attach a thin, metal wire across the surface of a cutting board or square piece of scrap lumber. Make sure the board has a smooth finish so that it does not damage the tile.


Step 6

Lay the tile face down on top of the cutting board, lining the scoring mark along the top of the wire.

Step 7

Press evenly on both side of the tile and it will snap along the scoring line.


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