How to Throw a Pantry Party

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When someone moves into a new apartment or home, it is a tradition for a friend or family member to throw them a housewarming party. A modern twist on this tradition is to throw a pantry party, which is a type of housewarming party that focuses on stocking the pantry with a variety of foods for the new homeowners to enjoy.


Step 1

Choose a date and time for the party. Open house hours work well for pantry parties so that guests can drop by and bring their pantry item at their convenience.

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Step 2

Create and send invitations. You can buy new home or food-themed party invitations at your local stationery store, or you can use online template websites such as or to create and print your own pantry theme party invitations.


Step 3

Make an invitation supplement. Include a list of suggested items for people to bring to help stock the new pantry. Items with long shelf lives such as olives, stuffed grape leaves, nuts, pasta sauce, crackers, pita chips, dried fruits, gourmet popcorn, dried Italian sausages and salami, and biscotti and other cookies are all good options.


Step 4

Arrange for food and beverages. Order food platters and beverages to serve the party guests. Be sure to have cups, plates, napkins, and utensils available as well.

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