How to Wash a Plastic Dish Rack

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Things You'll Need

  • Dish detergent

  • ¼ cup household bleach

  • Dishcloth or sponge

Plastic dish racks normally are sold in one piece or in three-piece sets (drain board, rack and utensil holder). Plastic is a sanitary alternative to wood dish racks and is easily washed and maintained in the same way one washes the dishes that ordinarily dry on the rack. Whether it's a one-piece model or the three-part variety, washing a plastic dish rack is easy task that should be repeated often if you use it frequently for drying clean dishes.


Step 1

Fill the sink with warm water, adding ¼ cup household bleach and dish detergent (according to the detergent manufacturer's instructions).

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Step 2

Place the drain board and the utensil holder in the sink and allow to soak for 10 minutes.


Step 3

Scrub the drain board, front and back, using the sponge or dishcloth. Rinse in clean water and place on a dishtowel, on a flat surface, to air dry.

Step 4

Wash the utensil holder, taking care to scrub inside, under any lips or edges, and within the tiny drain holes at the bottom. Rinse in clean water and place on a dishtowel to air dry.


Step 5

Place the dish rack in the sink, immersing it in the soapy water. Allow it to soak for 10 minutes.

Step 6

Scrub the dish rack with the sponge or dishcloth. Rinse in clear water and place on a dishtowel, on a flat surface, to air dry.

Step 7

Repeat at least once a month, if the dish rack is used frequently.


Some dish racks can be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher and washed this way. Check the manufacturer's recommendations for your particular brand of dish rack.

Household bleach is a good germ killer and can be used alone on the drain board, and rinsed.


Use caution with bleach. Do not get it in your eyes or face. Bleach will remove color and ruin fabrics, so make sure the dishcloth you use is an old one or one that you don't mind bleaching out.


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