How to Make a Candle Fit in Candlesticks

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Things You'll Need

  • Paring knife

  • Cardboard or cutting surface

  • Tacky wax

Dipped and molded taper candles do not typically fit into standard candlesticks. Even mass-produced tapers rarely fit perfectly into these holders. You can buy a special tool designed to melt or trim candle bases from some craft or candle supply stores, but these tools can be hard to find and expensive. A sharp paring knife and a little wax adhesive, which is also known as "tacky wax," will work just as well to get any tapered candle to fit into a candlestick.


Step 1

Hold the candle next to the cup of the candlestick so that the base of the candle is even with the bottom of the cup. Make a small scratch in the candle with the paring knife even with the top of the cup. Score a line around the base of the candle even with the scratch.

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Step 2

Place the base of the candle on a piece of cardboard or other cutting surface. Whittle thin layers of wax off the base starting at the guide line and moving toward the base. Test the fit frequently. When the candle end fits in the base easily and wobbles very slightly, stop trimming. If the candle is too thin to begin with, no trimming is necessary.


Step 3

Spread a layer of wax adhesive around the base. This lets you press the candle firmly into the candlestick without too much risk of breaking the candle. If the candle is still too loose, use a thicker layer.

Step 4

Place a small ball of wax adhesive in the bottom of the candlestick's cup just before inserting the candle to ensure the base does not slide if the candle is accidentally bumped.