How to Use Canned Navy Beans

Step 1

Open the can of navy beans with a can opener. Pour the beans into a strainer over the sink and rinse with cold water. Keep the beans under the running water until the water runs clear from the bottom of the strainer. This will wash off excess salt and help reduce the beans' gas-producing properties.

Step 2

Select recipes for canned navy beans which require no additional cooking to prevent rendering the pre-cooked beans mushy. Opt for bean salads, salsas or purees. Add canned navy beans at the end of the cooking time if you substitute canned for freshly prepared navy beans in a recipe. Heat the dish until the beans have warmed through, but avoid overcooking. See resource one for recipe ideas.

Step 3

Prepare your bean recipe as directed, but substitute one 15-oz. can of navy beans, drained and rinsed, for each 1 1/2 cups of cooked dry navy beans.

Step 4

Substitute canned navy beans in any recipe calling for canned or prepared dry white beans: Great northern or cannellini.
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