How to Cover Shelves With Curtains

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Things You'll Need

  • Curtain rod

  • Tape measure

Not everything that is placed on a shelf is meant for public viewing. If attaching doors to shelves is not an option, another quick fix for concealing shelves is to use curtains. Bathrooms will sometimes have open shelves under sinks, or a closet might have open shelves. Hiding shelves and their contents gives a finished look to a room. Use a curtain to match the wall color, or use a lace curtain to cover a shelf in a bedroom.


Step 1

Attach a sash rod to the shelf frame. Brackets for sash rods are small and will easily fit small spaces. Use a curtain with a rod pocket to place on the rod.


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Step 2

Select a spring tension rod for shelves, and avoid the need to mount brackets. Spring tension rods contain a spring that adjusts to the distance between the shelf frame. Push to tighten the spring and shorten the rod. Release the tension when it is in position. Use a pocket rod curtain for this type of rod.


Step 3

Attach a magnetic curtain rod to shelves that are metal. The magnet will attach to the metal, eliminating the need to mount brackets. Use a pocket rod curtain for this type of rod.


Take an accurate measurement of the length of the shelf before purchasing a curtain rod.


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