How to Decorate With a Grapevine Garland

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Things You'll Need

  • Grapevine garland

  • Dried flowers

  • Silk leaves, fall colors

  • Pottery

  • Pumpkins

  • Wine

  • Wine glasses

  • Silk grape leaves

  • Fake grapes

  • Baby’s breath

  • Christmas lights

For those trying to create a country look, few things beat the rustic charm of grapevine garland as an accessory. It's plentiful as well as inexpensive. It can be twisted into a pretty wreath, used to create an arch for Christmas lights or add just the right touch for decorating a table. In fact, this little vine that could is so versatile it is really only limited by the imagination of the decorator.


Decorating with Grapevine Garland

Step 1

Make a grapevine garland wreath. You can make the wreath specific to the occasion by adding the right accessories. For example, to decorate it for a country wedding, you could add miniature brides and grooms plus flowers that match the wedding colors. A wreath for Valentine's Day could feature hearts, little chocolates tied in pretty pouches and roses.


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Step 2

Create a table arrangement. Leave the garland in its twisted state, and then form it into a wreath shape. Set it on the table. Line the inside with a red checkered napkin allowing some of the garland to show, and then place pottery inside. Arrange dried gourds and fruit inside the bowl.

Step 3

Use the grapevine garland to adorn a window valance or arched window. Weave in delicate flowers like baby's breath or something striking like dried roses.


Step 4

Adorn a fireplace hearth with a broom made from grapevine garland. Straighten it out in water. Then tie it to a sturdy, but knobby stick from the yard. Fasten the broom together using twine or heavy string. A sprig of dried berries adds some color.

Step 5

Reinforce the shape of your Christmas light display outside. Unroll the garland, wrap a strand of mini-lights around it, and hang it around the door frame using hooks.


Step 6

Fancy up a metal wine rack. Twist the garland in and out of some of the holes. (You may have to wet it to make it pliable.) Add silk grape leaves and fake grapes. Tie everything down using a satiny burgundy ribbon. Don't forget to weave some of the garland around the stem of the wine glasses.


Step 7

Decorate the front banister of your staircase by wrapping the grapevine garland around it. If it's Christmas time, for example, weave in some Christmas berries, hook in small ornaments like tiny drums and Christmas bulbs and then tie the ends down with some lace ribbon.

Step 8

Create a fall display by weaving the garland around the back of a wooden chair. Add bottles of red wine, pumpkins or gourds and silk fall-colored leaves. Stick a few leaf clusters into the garland. Add sprigs of baby's breath for the finishing touches.


The silk grape vines and leaves can be found in most craft or floral stores. The ornaments can usually be found at a local department store. To make the vine pliable, soak in water for several minutes and either dry flat under books for a straighter look or mold it around the object you’re decorating.


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