How to Color Grout With Acrylic Paint

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Things You'll Need

  • Bag of white grout

  • Plastic bucket or container

  • Paint stirrer

  • Water

  • Acrylic Paint

Grout is used as an adhesive in a number of projects: tiling floors and walls, connecting concrete slabs, even filling in cracks in construction projects. It can also be used in arts and crafts, when constructing tile mosaics and other colorful designs. For these types of projects, white and beige grout just can't show the artist's creativity and personality; color is needed to truly express artistry. When grout dye is unavailable or inconvenient, use acrylic paint to color your grout for optimal expression.


Step 1

Purchase a bag of white grout from a hardware store. The size of the bag needed will depend on the project for which you are preparing; if in doubt, consult with an expert at the retailer for help.

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Step 2

Purchase your desired color of acrylic paint from an arts and crafts store. Acrylic paint in squeezable bottles is the easiest to mix into the grout.

Step 3

Mix your desired amount of grout with the proper amount of water as instructed on your grout package. Again, the amount of water needed will vary by product and by the amount of grout you have. Stir with a paint stirrer or other mixing instrument. The mixture should form a paste with about the consistency of peanut butter.


Step 4

Squeeze acrylic paint from the bottle into the mixture while you stir. This is similar to adding food coloring to a dough mixture. Add enough paint to tint all of the grout you have; remember that the more paint you add, the darker the color you will get.

Step 5

Add more grout, water or paint as necessary until you receive the proper consistency and color. Stir continuously to prevent drying out.


Do your best to mix enough grout for your whole project from the start. It can be very difficult to match the grout color a second time, since there are no exact measurements for the amount of paint used.