How to Remove 5 Minute Epoxy

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Things You'll Need

  • Epoxy solvent such as Attack or a comprable brand sold in hardware stores

  • Nail polish remover containing acetone

  • Rags

  • Glass juars with screw-on lids

  • Safety gloves

  • Safety goggles

5 Minute Epoxy is considered a permanent adhesive, but nothing lasts forever when you know how to remove it. The technique for getting rid of 5-minute epoxy involves two chemical solvents that are readily available--one at a hardware store and the other from t a grocery. Whatever you need to separate from epoxy, plan on devoting some time to the task. Epoxy, once bonded, is a dense molecular structure slow to dissolve.


Step 1

Coat the bonded materials with an epoxy solvent, such as Attack with methylene chloride as the active ingredient. Work in a well ventilated area away from all flammable material. If the pieces are small enough, place in a glass jar, cover with the solvent and close the lid tightly to prevent evaporation.

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Step 2

Soak the bonded parts overnight to dissolve the epoxy.

Step 3

Rinse the parts in acetone (nail polish remover) to separate bonded parts and remove epoxy.

Step 4

Pour 1 tbsp. of acetone on a rag and wipe down the parts to remove lingering traces of epoxy.


Keep all chemicals for removing poxy away from open flames.

Store solvents in a cool, dark place.

Avoid skin contact. Wash with warm soap and water if solvents come in contact with the skin.

Seek immediate medical aid if the chemicals are ingested. Do not induce vomiting.


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