How to Paint on Corelle Dishes

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Things You'll Need

  • Old newspapers or plastic bag

  • Glass paints

  • Acrylic craft brushes in various sizes

  • Stencils or tracing paper

  • Washable marker

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Cotton swabs

Painting dishes, such as plain white ones by Corelle, can be a fun hobby. Make beautiful gifts for yourself or friends and family. Most craft stores have a wide variety of paints to choose from so you can get the finished product you desire--from opaque to transparent, and if you're not comfortable drawing a design freehand, you can pick out a stencil to use.


Step 1

Clean the dish. Remove pricing stickers or labels. Dry the dish thoroughly.

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Step 2

Set up your workspace. Place newspapers or plastic bag on work surface. Set out paints and brushes, washable markers and stencils or tracing paper.


Step 3

Apply stencil according to package directions or trace your design onto the dish with the tracing paper and washable marker. Apply paints with brushes as desired. If you make a mistake, dip the cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and "erase" it.

Step 4

Allow the piece to dry thoroughly. Bake the piece according to the paint manufacturer's instructions.


Choose paint specially formulated for glass and for your intended purpose. For example, choose a bake-on paint for items that will be washed often, such as plates, for maximum durability.

Make sure to carefully read the instructions on the paint. This will help you determine the best use for the paint and how to care for painted items so they last a long time.

Experiment with the paint to achieve different effects, but don’t mix paints together. Variations in formulas could produce an unwanted effect.


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