How to Open a Sesame Combination Lock

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A Sesamee combination lock is similar to a spin dial lock in that it uses a series of three numbers to open the lock. However, instead of using one spin dial to open the lock, you use three small dials that typically run from zero to nine. This kind of lock is extremely popular and can be used with anything from Seasmee school lockers to locking your bike to a bike rack.


Step 1

Spin all three of the dials around a few times to clear out the previous attempt to unlock the Sesamee combination lock.

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Step 2

Spin the leftmost dial until the first number of the combination is displayed in the middle of the viewing area. If the number is either too far up or too far down, the lock is not going to open.


Step 3

Repeat the process with the second and third spin dials on the lock, making sure the combination numbers are presented in the middle.

Step 4

Open the lock. Depending on the exact form of the Sesamee combination lock, this may be by pulling down on the lock or by pulling the two sides of the lock apart (typical for bike locks).


Step 5

Reconnect the lock when you have finished opening it. Spin the dials around to clear the lock. If the lock dial spinners are left on the combination, someone else can easily open the lock without knowing the combination.



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