How to Smoke Salmon on a Traeger

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Traeger Grills use electricity to ignite a heating element that burns wood pellets for cooking. A Traeger can be used for regular grilling, baking and smoking. Salmon can be smoked on a Traeger using a variety of wood pellets, depending on the desired smoke flavor. The Traeger Grill smoking feature is virtually automatic, so once the fish is on the grill, you won't need to do anything except get out the plates when it's time to eat.


Things You'll Need

  • Seasonings (Such As Dill Or Dijon Mustard) To Taste

  • Olive Oil

  • Wood Pellets

  • Glass Dish

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Step 1

Load the Traeger Grill firebox with the wood pellets of your choice. Traeger sells 10 different varieties of wood pellets, which are also available at stores that sell grills. Alder, maple, mesquite and oak are popular for smoking salmon.

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Step 2

Set the control knob on the front of the Traeger to "High," and press the igniter to start the grill.

Step 3

Close the grill cover while the Traeger heats up.

Step 4

Liberally oil the salmon to be smoked with a high-quality olive oil, and place it skin-side down in a glass dish.

Step 5

Season the fish with dill, a basting of Dijon mustard or other spices and sauces to taste.


Step 6

Switch the Trager control knob to "Smoke." Remove the salmon from the glass dish, and place it directly on the grill, skin-side down. Close the cover.

Step 7

Smoke the salmon for approximately two hours or until it is pale pink and flakes easily with a fork. The Traeger smokes at lower temperatures (about 160 F to 200 F) for controlled smoking regardless of the quantity of fish inside.


Step 8

Switch the Traeger to "High" for 10 minutes for a crispy outer finish.

Step 9

Remove the fish from the grill, and serve it immediately. Alternatively, allow it to cool, then refrigerate for smoked salmon pate that can be served with cream cheese and crackers.


Wood pellets can be mixed to achieve different flavors.


Do not leave the grill unattended while smoking.



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