How to Reload a Stanley Tape Measure

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Stanley is one of the leading manufacturers and producers of tape measures. Next to your hammer and screw driver set, the tape measure is one of the most important items you can have while undertaking any kind of construction or home repair project. One of the great features of the Stanley tape measure is that you can extend the tape, lock it down so it stays in place, then release the lock and watch the tape automatically reload back into the tape measure's case.


Step 1

Push up on the lock button. This lock button pinches down on the tape, keeping it in place. Again pushing up on the lock button releases the pinch on the tape measure and should pull the tape measure back in. However, if a large amount has been pulled out, you may have problems.

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Step 2

Remove all objects off of the tape measure. Objects resting on the tape may weight it down, preventing it from being extracted back in.


Step 3

Pull the tape up if there are any bends in it. If the tape is bending or drooping in any way, it may prevent the tape from reloading into the Stanley tape measure.

Step 4

Manually feed the tape back into the Stanley tape measure if it still is not automatically reloading back in. The rollers inside of the tape measure my not be catching on the tape, preventing it from being pulled back in. Do this until the entire tape is back in or until the Stanley tape measure catches and reloads automatically.

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