How to Cook Frozen Hamburgers on Foreman Grills

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It can be difficult to grill up your favorite foods in the winter time. No one in the family wants to stand out in the snow until the food is done. The George Foreman grill allows you to grill those foods indoors. One great feature about the George Foreman grill is that it has a drip tray which catches all of the fat. This makes your meals much healthier to eat. One meal you can prepare is hamburgers. You can even cook them when they are frozen.


Step 1

Plug your George Foreman grill in and wait for it to preheat. You'll know when it is preheated because a little red light will turn off. It should take around five minutes.


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Step 2

Place your frozen hamburgers in the grill and close the lid. The amount of hamburgers you can cook at once depends on the size of the George Foreman grill you own. A family size grill will cook five to six hamburgers at once.


Step 3

Cook the frozen hamburgers for eight minutes if you like them rare. For medium burgers cook an additional two minutes for a total of ten minutes. Well done hamburgers need to be cooked for 12 minutes.


Step 4

Cut one of the burgers open to make sure that it is completely cooked before removing them all from the grill.


Step 5

Turn your George Foreman grill off and remove the hamburgers. Serve your hamburgers on some buns with some lettuce, tomato, and onion.

Empty the drip tray and wipe down the inside of the grill after it has cooled off.


You can defrost your hamburgers ahead of time in the grill. Just place the patties in the grill while it is off and let them sit there for one hour. The drip tray will catch any water or blood that may pour out.


Never eat undercooked meat. It can make you very sick.



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