How to Stop Ants & Bugs in Your House With a Plugin

Many renters and homeowners find themselves with bug problems. Whether you have ants, spiders, roaches or other pests, a variety of products are available to help rid your home of unwanted guests. One of the easier ways to control your pests is with the use of electronic bug repellent devices. Chemical-free and safe to use around most household pets, these devices plug right into the wall and claim to deter critters through the use of ultrasonic sound waves. These devices are humane and claim to drive the bugs out without harm, and they work for as long as you leave them plugged in.

Things You'll Need

  • Insect glue traps

  • Plug-in repellent

Identify Your Problem Areas

Step 1

Purchase basic insect glue traps at your local home improvement store. These will be used to identify how many plug-in repellent devices you will need.

Step 2

Set insect glue traps in many places around your home to identify where the problem areas for your pests are. Leave the traps out for two to three days.

Step 3

Identify where the glue traps collected the most bugs. The areas with more bugs will most likely be your problem areas.

Step 4

Determine how many plug-in devices you will need in order to cover the problem areas in your home.

Using the Plug-Ins

Step 1

Visit your local home improvement or department store and purchase as many plug-in repellents as you need to cover your problem areas.

Step 2

Remove the plug-in devices from the packaging. Read the user instructions.

Step 3

Locate power outlets near the problem areas you identified with the insect glue traps. If there is not an outlet nearby, locate the closest one.

Step 4

Plug the bug repellent devices into the outlets you identified. They will begin working immediately.


Many companies make these devices. Research the different brands online and compare packages at the store.

These devices can be used in combination with other pest control products such as glue traps and roach motels.


Small pets, particularly rodents, may be affected by the ultrasonic waves emitted by these devices. If you have small pets, make sure the devices are far from their cages or pursue alternate pest treatments.

Opinions about the effectiveness of these devices are varied, and the Federal Trade Commission has challenged the claims of manufacturers. Research before you decide to purchase.

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