How to Program the Reporter Wireless Alarm

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The Reporter Wireless Alarm is also known as the Chamberlain Wireless Pedestrian and Vehicle Alert System. The alarm alerts you with a sound as well as a flashing green light if motion is detected within its 30-foot range. The base station can be placed up to 100 feet away from the sensor, and can be programmed to work with up to four sensors.


Step 1

Plug the base station into a wall outlet

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Step 2

Place the motion sensor in close proximity to the base unit.

Step 3

Press the "Learn" button on the base unit. A buzzer will sound.


Step 4

Wave your hand in front of the sensor within five seconds of pressing the "Learn" button. The test light on the base station will illuminate and the buzzer will activate. This indicates that you have correctly programmed the sensor to the base station.

Step 5

Repeat steps two through four to program your additional sensors. The base station can learn up to four different sensors, each with a unique alarm.

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