How to Create Parking Lot Stencils

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Things You'll Need

  • Large, rigid plastic sheets

  • Pencil

  • Ruler

  • Utility knife

  • Font printout

If you need to mark a parking lot for any facility you have the option of hiring a professional that may or may not be worth the cost, or you can create a simple parking lot stencil yourself with some inexpensive materials. If you are making a stencil that people will need to recognize, such as a handicap parking symbol, you will need to get a picture of it to work from. You will also need a font in stencil lettering that you can get for free from a free fonts Web site.


Step 1

Print out a picture of the image you want to make a stencil for or a printout of the font you want to use. Have the printouts blown up as large as you can get them.

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Step 2

Draw the outline of your stencil on a large semi-rigid piece of plastic or cardboard. Whatever material you use, it needs to be large enough and somewhat heavy duty but still thin enough for you to cut with your utility knife. Use the ruler to guide you. Make sure the area around the cutout is large enough so that you can use spray paint without getting it outside the stencil.

Step 3

Cut out the stencil carefully and slowly with a very sharp utility knife, making sure you don't stray from the lines you have drawn. Do your cutting on a hard but smooth surface.

Step 4

Test your stencil out on a different surface before you use it on a parking lot. Use a can of spray paint or a professional paint-spraying machine.


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