How to Soak Grapevine Garland

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Things You'll Need

  • Dried grapevine garland

  • Water

  • Large plastic container

Dried grapevine garlands can be found in many forms at craft supply houses. You can also find dried grapevine wreaths at yard sales and thrift stores for less money. Reform grapevine garlands--or even dried grapevine sculptures you already have--by making them flexible once again. It is very easy to rehydrate the vines by soaking them in water overnight. Once the vines soak up the water, you can use them to make different shapes.


Step 1

Procure the dried grapevine garland. Remove any tags or labels.

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Step 2

Fill the plastic container two-thirds full of water. Leave enough room in the container so the water does not overflow when you put in the garland.


Step 3

Submerge the dried garlands in the water. The vines must be completely submerged. If parts float above the water, place a weight on top to hold them down. A water-filled plastic milk carton works well as a weight.

Step 4

Soak the garlands overnight or until they are flexible enough to work with.

Step 5

Remove the vines from the water and shake gently to remove excess water. Hang them up until they are dry to the touch but still flexible.


Add scented oil to the soaking water to add another dimension to your project. Cinnamon, clove or orange oil work best for holiday objects; other aromatherapy oils can be used for year-round scents.

The soaking method can be used for other types of dried vines, such as honeysuckle.


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