How to Create Your Own Boondocks Character

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Things You'll Need

  • Pencil

  • Black ink pen

  • Eraser

  • Art markers

"The Boondocks" is a cutting-edge satirical cartoon that began life as a comic strip. The stories revolve around two young African-American boys living with their grandfather and satirize politics, urban culture and deep-rooted racial issues. The animation combines anime-style facial features with traditional Western comic book art. You can create your own "Boondocks"-style character as an homage to the series or as a present for a die-hard fan.


Step 1

Using your pencil, draw the head with a circle shape and attach the chin with a "V" at the bottom of the circle. Draw a cross or "t" shape across the head to mark out the facial guidelines. Draw the torso with a long rectangle shape.

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Step 2

Create the arms with bent lines coming from the upper left and right corners of the chest. Add the hips with an upside-down triangle under the torso. Add legs with vertical lines attached to the bottom of the hips.


Step 3

Draw the guideline for the hands with a circle on the end of each arm. Add feet with long triangles at the bottom of each leg. Create fingers and thumbs with five small, curved cylinder shapes on each hand.

Step 4

Add large eyes with ovals on the horizontal line on the face. Create the nose with an upside-down triangle on the vertical line. Add the mouth with a curved line below the nose. Create eyebrows with curved lines above each. Add pupils and irises inside each eye with two oval shapes.


Step 5

Draw parallel lines around the outside of the arm, leg and torso guidelines to thicken the frame of the character. Add a tank top with a "U" shape coming down from the middle of the chest and two curved lines on the upper left and right sides of the chest.

Step 6

Create the pants with curved lines around the legs, widening slightly near the foot. Draw a horizontal line across the waist. Add curved lines to the front of the shoes and a band along the bottom of the shoes for the soles. Draw the hair with a large curved line around the head and a line across the forehead to create an Afro. You can create cornrows with a row of vertical cylinders across the head.


Step 7

Ink all of the lines you wish to keep. Let the ink dry and carefully erase the pencil underneath. Color the characters using art markers. Use light brown as a base for African-American skin and use darker brown under the nose, mouth and chin for shadows. Color the clothing using muted blues, greens and browns to mimic the palette of "The Boondocks".


Print out a picture of characters from "The Boondocks" and keep this by your drawing to use as a reference.


Be sure to let the ink dry before erasing the pencil or the image will smear.


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