How to Clean a Silk Comforter

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Silk comforter

A silk comforter not only looks beautiful on a bed, but it feels beautiful as well. Make sure your silk comforter stays looking attractive by taking proper care of it. Cover a silk comforter with a comforter cover during use. This cover will protect the silk comforter from stains and oils that accumulate over time. Even with the use of a cover, however, you may need to clean your silk comforter from time to time. Do this as infrequently as possible and find a professional to perform the cleaning.


Step 1

Prepare to sun-cure the silk comforter. Sun curing is a technique that will remove trapped moisture from within the comforter.

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Step 2

Hang the comforter inside the cover on a clothesline and leave it in the sun for up to two hours.

Step 3

Remove from the clothesline after the time has elapsed.

Step 4

Place the comforter inside the cover into a dryer. Set the dryer to the air cycle and leave the silk comforter in for 30 minutes as an alternative option to sun-curing outside.


Step 5

Repeat the sun-curing process whenever the silk comforter feels heavy with moisture.

Step 6

Clean the silk comforter more extensively by finding a dry cleaner that specializes in cleaning silk garments.


Step 7

Remove the comforter cover when it is dirty and zip all zippers. Place it in the washing machine and set the washing machine to a cold, gentle cycle.

Step 8

Remove the comforter cover from the washing machine and shake it vigorously to remove wrinkles.


Step 9

Place the comforter cover into the dryer and set the dryer to a low temperature.

Step 10

Remove when the dryer cycle finishes and place the silk comforter back inside the comforter cover.


Place a comforter cover over the silk comforter to protect it.


Do not launder a silk comforter more than is necessary because washing will decrease the quality and appearance of the comforter.

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