How to Make a Pirate Costume Out of Clothes You Have

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Things You'll Need

  • Button Up Shirt

  • Pants or Skirt

  • Vest

  • Black Boots

  • Scarves

  • Bandannas

  • Leather Belt

  • Costume Jewelry

  • Sword

  • Eye Patch

  • Tea

When it comes to Halloween costumes the pirate costume is an old classic. Pirate costumes are easy to find in stores, and even easier to put together at home. In fact, if you need a Halloween costume in a pinch it is one of your best options. Best of all, to make a homemade pirate costume you do not need any craft or sewing skills, just a little high seas fashion advice!


Step 1

Find a standard button up shirt. A blouse or dress shirt works fine. Shirts with ruffles or puffy sleeves also work great. Use tea to stain the shirt, to make it look more worn and dirty. To do this just put a few tea bags in hot bath water and soak the white shirt for a few hours. Ring the shirt out and hang it to dry.


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Step 2

Look for black trousers or a skirt. Either should have a semi-loose fit. Tie a couple of scarves or a bandanna around the legs of your pants or the waist of your skirt.

Step 3

Find a pair of tall black boots. The boots should look worn out and scuffed up if possible.


Step 4

Layer the outfit with accessories. A striped or solid vest can go over the shirt. Wear a large black belt around your waist. Pull the shirt out above the belt so it looks puffy. Pirates also stole a lot of money and jewels, so no pirate costume is complete without costume jewelry. Look for faux gold medallions, rings or pocket watches in your jewelry box.


Step 5

Wear an eye patch over one of your eyes. A piece of black fabric secured with elastic can work if you don't have an eye patch. You can glue beads and faux gemstones on it if you like. Many pirates bedazzled their eye patch.

Step 6

Wear a scarf or bandanna on your head. Loose ends can hang or you can tuck them under if they are short enough.


Step 7

Find a plastic sword or make one out of cardboard. To make one, just cut the sword and handle in one piece out of cardboard. Paint the handle brown or black and the sword silver or gold.


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