How to Find Discontinued Vinyl Flooring Tiles

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Finding discontinued vinyl flooring tiles is easier than you might think.

Discontinued vinyl flooring tile is inexpensive flooring that people often choose when remodeling a floor in their home, especially after they compare flooring prices. Vinyl floor tiles are durable, easy to install and easy to maintain since many come in a peel and stick format. Unfortunately, vinyl floor tile doesn't always stand the test of time - dirt and water can seep into the crevices between the vinyl tiles and degrade them.


Finding discontinued vinyl tiles to repair damaged vinyl flooring can be a hassle, especially if you don't have matching tiles stashed away for the repair. If you're considering buying discontinued vinyl flooring tiles, buy extra tiles so you can replace the old ones if the floor becomes damaged. Here's how to find discontinued vinyl flooring tiles:


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Step 1

Check with a vinyl flooring store.

Check with a vinyl flooring store. Specialty flooring stores often keep discontinued floor tiles in stock to broaden their flooring selection.


Step 2

Check with your local home improvement store.

Check with a local home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowe's. There you can buy vinyl tiles that are not only discontinued, but also deeply discounted.


Step 3

Check with the vinyl floor tile manufacturer.

Check with the manufacturer of the vinyl flooring tiles. Among the many vinyl tile designs they carry, they may also have discontinued vinyl flooring in stock.


Step 4

Post a vinyl tile question in DIY forums.

If you cannot get discontinued vinyl flooring tiles from the manufacturer, specialty store, or home improvement store, post a question about it in online forums like the "Fix It Forum" on DIY experts from all around the world go there to provide helpful advice on a variety of home improvement projects (including installing vinyl tile flooring) - for FREE! One of them may know a place where you can get matching vinyl floor tile for your remodeling project.


Step 5

Check the internet for vinyl floor tile.

If all else fails, do a name search for your discontinued vinyl tile on the internet (ebay, google, yahoo etc). Hopefully someone out there has extra vinyl tiles they can sell to you.


If you cannot find the exact vinyl flooring tile you're looking for, consider vinyl tile that closely matches your existing flooring. You can use them together to create an interesting pattern. See the resource links below for design ideas. You can inquire about tile selections online or over the phone if you don't want to drive to each store.


Use knee pads to prevent knee injuries when installing vinyl flooring tile.



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