How to TIE DYE the perfect "V" shape on shirt

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Things You'll Need

  • TIE DYE kits

  • white shirts

  • gloves

  • rubber bands or string

  • plastic table cloth

  • soda ash

  • plastic bags one for each shirt

  • paper towels

TYE DYE perfect

My favorite hobby is to tie dye. it lets you be artistic, creative, and its a good stress reliever. A tie dye shirt could be a cool accessorie on your dog or if your on vacation you could spot your kids easily with a uniqe tie dye shirt on. its a fun activity to do with your friends your children even with your mom :) So first off you need to by die or a tie dye kit from your local hobby shop or arts and crafts store. The kits usually include dye powder, sqeeze bottles, gloves and rubber bands. usually you have to buy the soda ash sepeate but its usually hanging next to the kits. You can use old shirts or get some from a salvation army second hand store. I usually go to Long's drug store or CVS or walgreens for my shirts. They have a deal by 5 shirts for 10 dallors. I bought a plastic table cloth from the Dallor store, cheap and reusable and its easy to wipe up your mess. The dyes are permanent so wear old sweat pants when doing it.


sometimes i get too excited and can only wait 2 hours and its still fine but comes out a little faded than what it should have been

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Step 1

soak shirt in SODA ASH for at least 20 min. fold shirt in half UPSIDE DOWN V. fan fold shirt from opposite bottom corner or coller REGULAR V start fan folding from opposite bottom corner of sleeves


Step 2

fan fold bigger fans as more of the shirt gets involved tie off with string or rubber bands example is UPSIDE DOWN V


Step 3

*this is what shirt ends up looking like before tieing off


Step 4

choose 4 colors use 3 colors to color the fanned part in 3 small sections use a 4th color as the main color you want the shirt to be which will be a large area on either side of the fanned part


place shirt into plastic bag let sit for 6 to 8 hours rinse under facet until water runs clear wash with cold water and dry in dryer put shirt on and wear it :)


use plastic table cloth on your flat surface work area to ensure that the dye wont leak through and stain you table. its also easy to clean up with paper towels the excess dye before dying another shirt.


do not eat or rub dye and soda ash water in your eyes


Video of the Day

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