How to Make Handmade Beads from Dried Rose Petals

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Things You'll Need

  • Glass or enamel saucepan

  • Toothpicks

  • Plastic wrap

Rose petals have been used as the material for beads for centuries.

Handmade beads made from dried rose petals make unusual jewelry. If you grow roses, harvest petals from your garden and dry them in the sun to get the main supply you need for this craft. Start with about 4 cups of dried rose petals to make a long necklace.


Step 1

Place dried rose petals into a saucepan and fill with warm water until the petals are covered.

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Step 2

Heat gently over low heat and simmer -- do not allow to boil -- for about an hour. Cover the saucepan and allow to cool overnight.


Step 3

Repeat the cooking process three more times. The dried rose petals should have turned into a soft, smooth paste after cooking three times, but if they haven't, simply repeat the cooking process again. When you have the right consistency, let the paste cool completely.

Step 4

Form handmade beads. Moisten your fingertips with a little water or essential oil, and pinch off the amount of paste that will yield the bead size you're looking for. Roll the paste into a ball and pierce the ball all the way through with a toothpick. Leave the toothpick in the bead.


Step 5

Place beads on plastic wrap to dry for about three hours.

Step 6

Remove the toothpicks from the beads. Once your beads have dried overnight, you're ready to string a necklace or bracelet.


To add more fragrance to handmade beads, add a few drops of essential oil to the mixture just before the final cooking. You can make handmade beads from more than just dried rose petals -- any variety of fragrant flower petals will work.
Try tinting the dried rose petal mixture with natural dye before you form your handmade beads.


When drying roses, don't store petals in a dark location or closed container. Instead of drying, they will mold.



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