How to Throw a Successful Pampered Chef Party

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Things You'll Need

  • Invitations

  • Food

When throwing a home party or cooking show, it can be difficult to know whether or not your show will be a success. Will your friends and family enjoy themselves? Will the sales be high enough to earn the hostess specials? Prepare to have a great show with some easy steps.

Step 1

Invite plenty of friends and family to the party. If you invite 40 friends, expect only about 25 percent of them to attend. The more people you invite, the more likely you are to have a large turnout and a successful show.


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Step 2

Get outside orders from those who cannot attend. Take a book with you wherever you go; if you have coworkers or members of your church who cannot attend the show, but like Pampered Chef, ask if they would like to place an order.

Step 3

Communicate with your consultant regularly. If you communicate with your consultant, she can help you prepare for your show easily and provide a variety of ideas to make it a fun event for your guests.


Step 4

Plan your menu. Your consultant will want to demonstrate one or two recipes; plan around those recipes to tie your theme together. Serve what the consultant makes, but also go above and beyond and make this show into a real party.

Step 5

Decide whether or not you will serve alcohol. If you serve alcohol, start the beverage service after the show starts; this way your guests are still focused on the presentation, and will be able to enjoy themselves afterwards.

Step 6

Call your guests the night before to confirm who will be attending.



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