How to Stop Flies Entering your House

Things You'll Need

  • Sticky Fly Strips

  • Screen Covers

  • Bug Zapper

  • Screen window covers

  • Bug Repellent Candles

  • Lighter

Stop Flies Entering your House

Flies can be a major problem for many people, particularly during the summer. Flies can spoil food, spread germs and disease, and are generally a nuisance as they fly around. Fortunately there are mny easy ways of discouraging them from entering your home that can be quickly and cheaply implemented.

Step 1

Make your home more secure against flies The most common way that flies enter your home is through open windows and doors. Ensure that all windows and doors have mesh screen coverings fitted over them. These can be obtained from most hardware stores, and come as standard in some parts of the country. They basically mean that when you open a window, you will have a mesh screen between you and the outside world, keeping bugs and flies out, but letting fresh air inside. Similarly fitting a screen door on the outside of your front and back doors will help to keep flies out as they mean there is twice the obstacles to navigate.

Step 2

Remove anything attractive to flies Flies are usually in a home due to the fact that there is some kind of food that they like on display. Whether that might be actual food left out, a cat litter tray or garbage bins, flies will tend to congregate in greater numbers if they are present. Rather then trying to simply kill all the flies that you see, which is usually fruitless as flies are virtually limitless. Instead put things such as litter trays and garbage outside, as well as ensuring you have a secure lid to any garbage containers which insects cannot access.

Step 3

Reduce their numbers around your home Although flies are always attracted to human settlements somewhat, regardless of how careful and clean you are, they can be reduced. Killing enough flies outside the home will reduce the number of flies making it inside the home unscathed. Place sticky fly strips outside the entrance to your home, although not in the way of where people walk. Adding an electric bug zapper is also effective, and will kill all manner of flying insects as well as flies.

Step 4

Make your home less attractive Using fly repellent candles and incense sticks in your home will mean that flies will actually tend to avoid the place rather then being drawn in. Burning a repellent candle in the evenings will also keep mosquitoes away from your home, which are often considered worse then flies.