How to Grind Coffee for a French Press

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Things You'll Need

  • Burr coffee grinder

  • 1 tbsp. coffee grounds per 4 oz. water to brew

A French press, also called a press pot, is an easy way to make flavorful coffee. To get the best cup of coffee out of your French press, you need to grind the coffee beans just before you brew, and you need to use the right grind. Opt for a burr grinder to mill your coffee, as the more uniform grind will make your coffee taste better.


Step 1

Place the coffee grounds into the burr grinder hopper.

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Step 2

Set the coffee grinder to mill the coffee beans to a coarse ground. It will be coarser than for a regular drip, but less coarse than for a percolator. Refer to your coffee grinder's manufacturer's instructions for the exact settings for your appliance. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 as "fine," 5 for "drip," and 10 "coarse," a French press grind would be about an 8.


Step 3

Turn the grinder on and wait for it to finish grinding all of the beans. Turn the burr grinder off before taking the grounds out of the reserve.

Step 4

Put the coffee grounds immediately into your French press, add the right amount of hot (not quite boiling) water, and allow the coffee to steep before using the press to push the grounds to the bottom of the pot.


Use fresh roasted coffee beans for the best results.


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