How to Clean a Lint Brush

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You can clean a lint brush.
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Lint rollers remove accumulated dirt and debris from clothing and upholstery, but they are not the same as clothes brushes: a lint roller is a roll of paper-backed tape on a handle. If you get the best clothes brush you can find, it will work a lot better on your clothes than a roller. Not only that, the lint roller tape has to be replaced often, and lint brushes can be cleaned and reused.


Finding the Best Clothes Brush

A well-made clothes brush, also called a lint brush, removes dirt, hair and lint and is necessary if you want to keep certain types of garments looking their best. Lint rollers can remove surface-level buildup, but a clothes brush works differently. It can get out things that are set deeper into fabrics, so you won't need to have them cleaned as often. Investment pieces like cashmere or wool coats are expensive, and the more often they are washed, the quicker they will start to deteriorate.


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The best clothes brushes are not cheap, but they can last forever if you take care of them. Look for those with natural bristles and hardwood handles. A sturdy, reversible lint brush is a good choice because it will have one side with firm bristles to get out dirt and dust and another with softer bristles for gentle brushing. That second side can keep your garments free of fibers, lint and pet hair.


Bristle Brush Cleaning

Unless you spill grease or something hard to remove onto the brush, it will be easy to clean. Run a metal comb through the brush after using it, just like you would with a regular hairbrush. Do not use too much force because you don't want to damage the brush. A metal dog comb works exceptionally well.


Should the brush get dirty, wash it with a bit of gentle soap and water, avoiding any wood in the handle. Shake the brush to get all the water out, go over it with a clean towel and let it air dry. Also, rub some mineral or linseed oil into the wooden handle once a year. To store the brush, keep it hung on its side or standing up, with nothing against the bristles. Bristle brush cleaning can make your future cleaning efforts work even better.


Cleaning Hair Brushes

If you own a high-quality hairbrush and spent a considerable amount of money on it, you will want to take good care of this as well. The best hairbrushes have high-quality natural bristles, are heat-resistant and have sturdy wooden handles. You shouldn't need to spend too much money to get a good one, but either way, you will want to keep it clean.


Remove excess hair from the brush with a metal comb; a plastic comb can break if you use it for this purpose. Then, run the bristles under warm running water, add a few drops of gentle shampoo and work it in with a clean toothbrush or your fingers. Rinse it with clean water. If you see any lint between the bristles, you can pull them out with a pair of tweezers and rinse the brush again. Place the brush face-down on a clean towel and let it air dry.



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