How to Make a Go Go Dancer Costume

Go go dancers were popular in the '60s. They dressed to the height of fad fashion, wearing mostly lime green, hot pink, yellow and white in wild patterns, swirls, or flowers. They wore tight dresses or short skirts along with their signature piece--the white patent leather go go boot. Although go go dancer costumes are available from many costume shops, this is one outfit you can put together yourself. Fortunately, fashion currently supports the retro look and short skirts are still the rave. Combine contemporary fashion with shopping at thrift shops, and putting together a go go dancer outfit is relatively easy. (Of course, if you can sew, you can also find patterns for short dresses and pick out the fabric you want.)

Things You'll Need

  • Miniskirt or short skirt and blouse

  • Go Go Boots

  • (Optional) Vinyl Hat

Putting Together a Go Go Dancer Costume

Step 1

Shop for a short dress. Popular styles included simple shell dresses, dresses with a high neck and stand up collar, or dresses that fit the body's contours but flared out at the hips. Dresses can be sleeved or sleeveless. Sleeves should flare out at the wrist. Another popular style is a dress with the middle cut out and the top and bottom half connected with metal rings. Remember to shop for bright colors and wild patterns--both of which are currently popular. (Alternatively) Short, tight, shiny patent leather skirts were also popular. If you cannot find this at a thrift shop, you can buy a basic, short skirt pattern and shiny pleather--a fake leather that will be easier to sew than patent leather. Then pair this with a fitted blouse with flared sleeves or a shell tank top. You can also pair your skirt with a cropped top, baring your midriff.

Step 2

Find go go boots. Although these are not currently in fashion, patent leather, knee-high boots can be found on the Internet. Try a search on the keywords: Go Go Boots. One such link is provided below. White was the most popular color in the 1960s. (Alternatively) You can find boot-top patterns that are worn over shoes to give the look of a boot. They will not look as good as an actual boot, but you can use the pattern with white pleather to achieve a similar look for less.

Step 3

Add accessories, such as a vinyl hat. These can be found online as well. See the link below. Add hoop earrings and necklaces that swing when you dance.


Even if you want to create your outfit, look at the various costumes available to give you an idea of what you are looking for when you comb thrift shops and clothing stores.